What every man should know about single Russian women, Russian brides, Russian wives?

What every man should know about single Russian women, Russian brides, Russian wives?

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single russian women

So, what is so special about single russian women that every man should know?

Few things that may mark out Russian and Ukrainian women:

Priority to the family. Being successful woman for russian women means to be a good wife and mom. I think it’s the main reason why it is worth to marry them. You will have the best wife and your kids will have the best mom. She will be your friend, your support and your motivation 24/7. Certainly, Eastern european women are very faithful and they can sacrifice career for family

Emotions. When it comes to emotional sphere of your relationship – remember, that cold cultures are cold with emotions as well. To clarify, do not expect high and bright flashes of emotions from russian women, they are far from Italian, Spanish or French women. It’s not because they are indifferent to you, it’s because they were grew up like that – “to do not show your emotions” ( thanks to Soviet Union philosophy). Often hear that Russian ladies like frozen dolls or cold hearted, it’s not truth… just 80% of emotions will be inside her, not outside.

Manners. In western cultures Russians are considered as rude, bad mannered people. For instance, I even remember reaction of sales woman in Paris, when I come to buy a croissant . I said “one croissant please” … yeah without “Bonjour, Madame, ca va et blah blah blah“. As in Ukraine or Russia when we come to the shop we say what we want , without making little talks. We don’t understand what’s the point of such useless conversations with unknown people. Yes, you seem nice, social and cheerful.. But we are here about being yourself and simply if you want to buy something in silence – you can do it, without judgement. Why not? And it’s normal. Even not normal when taxi driver uses your ears to speak about his life and to express his emotions concerning politics. In other words, that what we call impolite. But, I don’t say that smiling and being communicative is wrong, just it hasn’t come yet to severe Russian culture. So, if girl doesn’t show you all her teeth after few minutes conversation- it’s a nice and normal sign, she is just listening to you.

Poverty. Everywhere I read about poor Russian and Ukrainian beautiful girls that dream about man with EU or US passport just to help them to escape their poor countries. It was 20–30 years ago. Dating agencies created this legend for shy fat guys from central USA to make them spend 2k $ and up for their pink dreams. Now situation changes. It’s not difficult for any person to go abroad for work or travelling. Almost everyone can have a work permit in EU. In addition, even easy for Ukrainians now – no visa for Shengen zone. Ukrainian and Russian single women are well educated and have good jobs. You need to correspond to have her as your wife. You can’t just “mail order” her. Just come and visit Ukraine and Russia, you will be surprised with service level and infrastructure. It’s not the end of the world.

Beauty and feminity. It’s something Russian or Ukrainian women were born with. It’s a real woman, not unisex human creature with woman’s genitalia. She knows how to look beautiful even when she cooks a soup. She takes care about herself very good, you will be impressed with level of hygiene and self-maintenance. Also, it’s one more big plus for western man to marry a such lady.

Above all, russian-speaking women are worth to marry if you know how to treat them and you can understand them in a right way.

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Yuliya Polonska
2 years ago

The roads suck!

2 years ago

I love this article.
I do love ukrainian women