is a legitimate Russian and Ukrainian dating site. My honest experience and review is a legitimate Russian and Ukrainian dating site. My honest experience and review

If you are a western man who dreams to find genuine Russian or Ukrainian women for long-term relationships or marriage, you know how difficult to do now due to the huge variety of dating websites. The biggest part of them are not reliable and will be a waste of your time and money. Therefore, I gladly share the websites that I verified personally and can recommend to foreign men who are searching for love in Eastern Europe.

 Lately, I have got some requests to check this dating website and give you my decent opinion. Only REAL SINCERE RUSSIAN WOMEN they say. So I decided to check it by myself and speak to the owners about their website. Follow me on my discovery. a legitimate Russian and Ukrainian dating site

This dating website is part of the largest dating network in CSI and Eastern European countries.  The network works successfully for more than 20 years and includes several dating websites that have a good reputation worldwide. The Eastern European women have a separate website where they can register their profile for free and start communication.  

The registration on  website is absolutely free and simple. It took me only 10 mins to set up my profile.  As soon as you created and verified your profile you can start searching. Their customer support works 24/7, you can reach it via live chat or by phone – a useful feature by the way.

 Russianwomen dating site has a user-friendly interface, it looks nice and simple. And it’s very fast and easy to navigate. 

At the first glance, I see there are more than enough of various women profiles. Their profiles look real and genuine.  Here you can meet different women from Belorussia, Russia, and Ukraine mostly. As well, on the Russian-speaking forum, I found a lot of reviews and testimonials for this website from Eastern European women. Ukrainian and Russian women trust this website. Some of them have paid membership, which says that women there have serious intentions and really hope to find their match.

The website shares their numbers:

The main advantages of Russianwomen dating site

Verified russian and ukrainian ladies 


The service provided by is confidential and secure. All profiles are checked and verified before approval. The information in profiles may be verified in many ways: ID, by phone, video, photo selfie, and via social networks. If the scammer is detected, it is removed from the database immediately and goes to the black list. So, all members are checked and scammers have filtered away. The website guarantees that they never employ fake profiles or software bots. Strong anti-scam policy. The company doesn’t sell or exchange your data too.

​​The economy of your time

Inactive users are hidden so that only those who are active on the site are shown. Search is made for your comfort. The search is sorted by activity level (users who logged in the most recently are shown at the beginning of the search). There are many kinds of searches and their parameters can be remembered so that you could quickly use your searches without inserting parameters again and again. Reply Rate is the percentage of new initial messages to this user that were replied to. There is an option to publish your ad on the Pinboard and receive many replies immediately.

Comfort in your search

 The search engine of the site provides 9 types of different searches. You can view new users registered within the last 24 hours in the general list of new users or in the search. Also, you can check for users who are online now from the search or just in the general list to help you choose. – In searches, you see only users with the same goals as you. Only general lists show all the users of the site disregarding their goals. The feed of the new events on the site introduces new members. You can search for the list of the new photos uploaded within the last three days by users.


Only Real checked profiles. You have an option to search for users, who are in chat now and may begin to chat very quickly. Photo contests, games, audio/video chat, and even a free online translator to make your communication interesting and interactive. Also, one interesting thing – the psychological test to help you to find the person who matches you. That is a very important feature. As a psychotherapist, I recommend you, at least, to try it.

Privacy comfort

You have an option to hide your profile and then you will be seen only by those users, to whom you write. Platinum membership will allow you to choose flexibly every time you visit the site if you wish to visit it anonymously or show your visit. Everything for your comfort.


Clients are the best value for . The customer service will assist you with any doubts or questions regarding your membership or any site service in general.    It works 24 hours every day of the year.  They will help you if you have any problem with the membership, in the payment method, or in the case that you want to cancel the service.  You can even report a profile if she is a scammer, in the case that she asks for money or if you have enough proof that she is using fake photos.  These types of profiles are eliminated immediately.

Membership benefits and Pricing

There are 3 membership options on the website: standard which is free, gold, and platinum. The prices you can see below:

Russian dating for real

The benefits of membership are next:

  • You have no limits for exchanging private contacts with all the profiles, such as phone, email and social profiles.
  • The translator is integrated on the website with a goal to facilitate communication with you and any girl you like. You have no limits in translations as well.
  • The analyze of compatibility on psychological level. Each woman has a psychological compatibility bar on her profile. (You will need to go through the psychological test while you fill up your profile). It will give you an oportunity to know if you are compatible with that ukrainian/russian lady or not.

If you are still skeptical, you can read some real-people testimonials here:

 Ukrainian dating agency

With the new restrictions due to COVID-19 travels to Russian and Belorussia are very limited for all foreigners. However, Ukraine is open to everyone who has a negative test or vaccination. If you are looking for dating single ukrainian women this website is for you!

Now, does Russianwomen have any cons?

I don’t see any obvious disadventures of the website. I wish it has a special application for mobile phones to make it more user-friendly. Hopefully, it will happen in the nearest future. However, you can enjoy the chatbot for Telegram. This chatbot will send you updates and new profiles directly to your messenger! Very comfortable and easy!

So let’s sum up

 There’s no “pay-per-letter” and “pay-per-minute” system – big plus. You can give your email address and phone number to all the ladies you communicate with. As well, you can send them unlimited emails and chat messages, even use audio and video chat. This site for dating Russian and Ukrainian women is well-known for its serious anti-scam policy and zero tolerance to fake profiles and scammers.

 I would say that the website has a minimalistic design, and not millions of users, BUT a very decent price for the membership. In fact, you have the service and options of the huge dating website, but for 3 times less.  

So, if you’re really serious about dating an Eastern European lady, follow my advice. Join this agency will help you find and win the heart of your beautiful Ukrainian or Russian bride. Please send me your feedback once you start using it!  I love reading your honest reviews.

Some Western guys don’t take the time to learn the culture of the countries where their Slavic brides were born and raised. Because, unfortunately, some foreign men think they are going to get a gorgeous woman in Russia, Ukraine, or Moldova and just drag her back to their country like a trophy. But in reality, things are completely different. It takes lots of effort from both man and woman to get to know each other and to build a strong relationship.

You can ask me to make a review of any dating website that you have doubts about. If you plan to marry Russian-speaking women and you don’t know how to do it the best way – welcome on my coach sessions.

 I will save you plenty of your time and money!

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