How to make Russian or Ukrainian woman love you?

How to make Russian or Ukrainian woman love you?

The question I hear quite often. So as an experienced dating coach I’m going to give you all the secrets of how to win the heart of Russian (or Ukrainian) women. Everything is quite simple and logical, but there are still some differences in mentality. Also, I’m sure that a lot of men from western countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK have already forgotten this style of courting a woman.

russian woman love decent men

Yes, courting a woman. Maybe you are thinking that it’s out of date, and nobody is doing it in 2020. But I do recommend you to watch old kind movies about gentlemen and ladies. He opens a door for her, gives his hand, and helps to get out of the car. As well — he gives her flowers, pampers with little gifts and surprises. Hee takes care of her as a unique, fragile, and beautiful vase. Russian women love it!

Feminism has changed things on the West but, thanks to God, not on the East yet. Here you can still be a Man and act 100% as a man. You will not be blamed for sexual harassment for looking at women and courting them. Being and acting like a gentleman will be your winning path.

Here is my little guide on “How to win a Russian girl’s heart”:

  1. BE POLITE. All people love to be treated with respect. Only with respect, you can gain a mutual interest. Please be a kind and nice guy. Disrespect will bring you nowhere. It’s simple and logical.
  2. BE PROACTIVE. With being polite, at the same time, be initiative and active, start and lead your communication. Be the one who makes plans and keeps his words. Russian (Ukrainian) women as we say, judge men for their actions. Your words can be empty sounds, but your actions will say a lot and open her heart.
  3. BE YOURSELF. Being yourself means to be honest as well. When you are open and sincere with a woman, you don’t play mind games, you start to get her trust.
  4. BE GENEROUS. By saying this I don’t mean sending/giving money as soon as you communicate with her. Be generous in your compliments and emotions, actions. When you come to visit her in Russia or Ukraine — please bring a little gift. It’s all about Eastern European culture. We love gifts and we bring them if we are guests. In Russian culture, it is normal when the man pays in cafes/restaurants/cinemas, for flight tickets and covers some dating expenses. If you feel not ok with that, please save you time/money and don’t date Russian women. At the same time, avoid “buying” her love. Anyway, your salary is 5–50 times higher than hers and when you come to Russia or Ukraine you will feel like a rich guy who can buy everything. Nonetheless, be smart at your expenses and do not splash money out. You don’t want her love you for your money, right? Also, being smart at your dating expenses will save you from scammers.
  5. BE a GENTLEMAN. I’m pretty sure that you lost this skill in your native country. In Russia, Ukraine it will be a time to recall it and practice. But I’m sure you will enjoy being a gentleman. Must things: open the door for her, offer her hand on stairs or when needed, help her to take off/ put on her outwear, open the door in the car to help her to get in and get out. First, you help and take care of her, after you think about yourself. Don’t forget to give her flowers, little gifts like chocolate or souvenirs. And please compliments.
  6. DON’T BE NEEDY. She can look like a girl of your divine dreams. You see her and you are melting. I understand how it can be difficult to say “NO” to someone you fall in love with. However, try to keep your head cool as long as possible. Even if she is a WOW queen, keep your dignity and don’t let her use you. If she doesn’t answer you with mutual sympathy, no worries, you can try 1–2 months later. If the answer is still NO, forget about her. It’s simply not your girl. No matter how perfect she is, please keep distance and avoid showing all your affection at the beginning. IT’S VERY IMPORTANT! Russian women do not love when men stick to them!
  7. BECOME HER FRIEND. That means being attentive to her needs and her life, being supportive and helpful. Ask questions and discover her as a person. Like that, you will know her better and become closer. With Eastern European women, you need to approach her in little steps day by day.
  8. BONUS TIP: If you are serious and looking for something long-term, do not expect intimacy on the first date. Eastern European women are very reserved in their emotions at the beginning, they would prefer to know you better before jump into the bed with you. At least, it’s how normal and decent Russian or Ukrainian women would behave. Therefore, Russian women love tender and understanding man, who can wait for their prize!
Russian women love gentlemen

Sometimes, you can have doubts and fears, lack confidence when dating your Slavic woman. It’s perfectly normal — we’re all humans. So you definitely need dating advice from a digital dating coach who supports you and leads you. As an Eastern European woman dating advisor, I will help you to create a better profile on the trustworthy dating websites, check the girls you are communicating with, and boost your confidence by guiding you. So that you feel empowered when building a relationship with your Russian or Ukrainian girl. And you know what to do in incomprehensible situations that may arise. We will work together on your happiness. An experienced dating coach can save you money and time, by showing you the effective shortcut. Book your FREE trial call with me to get to know how to date Russian or Ukrainian women without SCAM.

I cannot guarantee you long happiness. But I promise you to do all I can to help you become happy with your Slavic woman, as you deserve it!

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