Don’t be a victim of an online dating scam

Don’t be a victim of an online dating scam

…or what mail order bride agencies don’t want you to know

In this article, I’m going to discuss one vital topic. You can’t even imagine how many letters I receive on my mailbox with stories of dating scam from kind-hearted western men. I wish they read my articles before or book a coaching session with me. They spend thousands of dollars for mailing with a woman of their dreams. But are these girls real? Where is their money going? 

online dating scam

Are Russian/Ukrainian dating agencies are legitimate or scam?


I’m going to reveal a secret that dating websites/agencies don’t want you to know! Of course, these businesses work successfully for more than 15 years. The scheme didn’t change a lot. Maybe you even never thought about it. But let me save your money and time for FREE! 

Most of them dating websites and agencies are scams, unfortunately. A lot of dating websites and agencies use or buy the databases of the single women profiles and exchange them. That’s why you can see one woman with the same photos on different websites. The goal of these agencies to attract western men who dream about Russian or Ukrainian beauty. Eastern European women are well known for their beauty, housekeeping, and nice character. They say – Ukrainian women are the best wives. 

Typical scam story

So you have found a great dating website with a good variety of single and attractive women from Ukraine or Russia. They all are waiting to know you better and ready to fall in love with you. You are going to pay not for the subscription only. They will earn from you when you are sending letters when you buy flowers, pay for English courses, or sponsor her visa or passport, etc.… it’s all scam.. you see seductive photos, you read sexy and tempting letters… you feel desired and almost a Superman…

mail order bride scam

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Unfortunately, it’s all illusion that dating agencies thoroughly create for you. On another end of the screen, another guy with good English is sitting and typing you the next love letter. “Why is the guy?”- You will ask me for sure. He better knows how to write a letter to men and how to make you crazy about this woman on photos. You will not notice how soft and insensibly you will dive into the world of dreams and emotions. 

A lot of interpreters are always wanted in Ukraine for dating agencies. They offer flexible hours of work, cozy offices, and salary that depends on the number of letters received from “western guys in love.” 

One more secret that usually kept behind the scenes: girls have an exclusive photoshoot with good make up to look sexy and attractive for you. The team of professionals will dress them nicely, choose the seductive but still timid poses to make you fall in love with “Russian beauty.” These girls are promised to get a lot of men’s attention, flowers, and gifts and, of course, a prince that will rescue them from the grey life. So they fill up the profile form, sign an agreement, and confirm their identity with passport. For some websites, they are asked to make a special video of holding their passport in hands. This way you will not doubt that you communicate with a real person. Well done! All legitimate. As well, these girls probably will never hear back from these agencies or maybe will be asked to take the photo with flowers so that the prince could believe in this fairy tale and that it’s a real thing.

Fake profiles of Russian and Ukrainian mail order brides as a part of the dating scam

This business is old and still working. I remember myself working as an interpreter at nights when I was a student. Therefore, I was earning more than my parents together. Men were spending thousands of dollars for mailing with their Eastern European beauties…I felt not good by doing this, but I needed money so badly. Also, I remember how ten years after, I was tricked with one of these dating agencies that use my photos and profile until now. But I never received any letter or flowers from these men…

Maybe I broke your dreams and fantasies now… I just want you to be aware of scams and be realistic! Please put your feet on the ground. Yes, It is worth to marry Russian/Ukrainian women. But it’s not an easy way at all. You should be ready for this, have a specific plan, and keep your head cool.

Achieve your goal without scam

In conclusion, there are still websites that you can trust, but you have to know these sites and filter a lot. As even there you can find scammers. It’s quite challenging to detect them usually. My mission is to help you in achieving your goals without scam. With my experience and a sharp eye, I can quickly tell your virtual girlfriend from Ukraine is real or fake. I don’t want you were trapped in the illusions and dreams that will never happen. I want you to be happy and loved, as you deserve it. With the knowledge that I have, let me help you to save your priceless time, money, and efforts. I will help you to avoid negative experiences and guide you on the way to your happiness and love. Book your FREE call with me HERE.

If you are looking for more information, please read more of my articles on Quora.

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