Several years of coaching western men inspired me to write a book for western women. I love being a woman and adore working with women. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to see all women are happy no matter they live on the West or East.

Have you been focusing on your career–racking up the success you always dreamed about in that part of your life–but now that you’ve achieved those dreams, you find that something is still missing in your life? Does it seem like there’s a yearning inside you for something more, but you’re not sure how to get back what you feel you’ve lost? 

Loved and Wanted: The Ultimate Guide for the Modern Woman is a transformational book that will help you reconnect with your femininity and truly have it all!

Loved and Wanted was born from years of experience as a life coach talking to men and women about what they wanted in their partners. Many of the men expressed what they felt was missing in the modern women they knew. And, many of those women have also expressed an interest in redefining their feminine side, in restoring that part of them that made them feel sexy and desired when they were young and their whole life was ahead of them. That’s the reason I created this series of books, to help those women find that sensual, nurturing woman inside themselves and bring her out again, so she can help to create their ideal life.