Main 4 issues  with your mail-order bride

Main 4 issues with your mail-order bride

When a foreign guy starts looking for a girlfriend in Ukraine or Russia, he faces many difficulties. He asks himself “How do I meet a perfect girl? And where? What dating websites or agancies should I trust? And, most importantly, how can I tell a good girl from a gold digger?” So, what can be the main issues with mail-order bride from Russia or Ukraine?

issues-with-mail-order-bride-fake profiles

There are four common problems faced by Western men seeking Eastern European girls.

  • Scam before meeting a girl( fake profiles, dating agencies, personal scam)
  • Misunderstanding due to your cultural differences
  • Different expectations issue
  • Challenge of building relationships and family

Nobody taught us how to build relationships. As a rule, we take images of ideal (often, not ideal) relationships from our parents’, friends’ experiences, from movies and books. When it comes to international relationships, it’s even more complicated, since you normally have no idea what they should look like.

I advise you to watch documentary called “Love me” , just to see how difficult and elusive your dream about russian wife can be.

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Things are not so easy as it seems. Have you ever thought about it? And what are you going to do to be prepared? Possibly have you ever had such issues with mail-order bride from Russia (Ukraine) before? If so, please share your experience with me.

Maybe eastern european women dating advisor can help you to move to your goal faster? Without loss and mistakes?

Not only will you get valuable and useful first hand information ; but also you can have a help in planning your first trips to meet russian or ukrainian girls. For instance, we have personal english-speaking guides in Kiev and Moscow. With their assistance you can discover slavic countries as they are, and if you want – to be invited individually to the conversation with girl you like just on the cafe! Use a contact form to get answers to all of your questions!

As building a relationship with a woman from Ukraine or Russia is not just full of problems. Also a fun journey that brings you new discoveries and growth! Your world will become twice as big! You will learn new culture, traditions and mindset! Just imagine- your future kids might speak 3 languages! 😉 Isn’t it great and fun?

Dont let your heart to be broken!

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