Why you need an Eastern European women dating advisor


When a foreign guy starts looking for a girlfriend in Ukraine or Russia, he faces many difficulties. He asks himself “How do I meet a girl? And where? And, most importantly, how can I tell a good girl from a gold digger?” So, why do you need an eastern european women dating advisor?

eastern european women dating advisor

There are four common problems faced by Western men seeking Eastern European girls.

  • Scam before meeting a girl

  • Misunderstanding

  • Different expectations

  • Building relationships

Let’s dig into these challenges and find out how eastern european women dating advisor can help you solve them.

  1. Scam/fake profiles

First of all, men need to understand what  distinguishes a serious girl from a not serious one. Nowadays, there are many marriage agencies that offer thousands and thousands of fake profiles of non-existing beauties, and those agencies even organize dating tours to Ukraine and Russia for about $5000. Oh yes, you’re going to see a real paradise of beauties! You will have promises of meeting hundrends of women that are willing to spend time with you.   But what kind of women are those? Are they really interested in you? Often times, the reality is different from the image described by marriage agencies. There are dating sites too – every day, new ones appear. As a rule, men pay to register and to send letters. How do you choose the website that really works, where you have a guarantee to meet real girls? How do you know that at least 10% out of thousands of women’s profiles are real? And how can you tell which ones are real?fake profiles

I heard lots of stories from men who have been scammed by Ukrainian or Russian girls. Some men found out after a while that it was all scam, and of course it left them heartbroken. Those guys wasted their money, time and had their souls crushed… But the saddest thing is that they lost their faith in love…

As an experienced online dating coach, and being from Eastern Europe myself, I can tell very easily, which Eastern European girls are serious and which are not. My mission is to help you find an honest lady who is looking for a real long-term relationship!

  1. Misunderstanding due to cultural differences

Western European men are attracted by the beauty and femininity of Slavic women. Foreign men imagine the relationships with these girls as something special and fairytale-like. But building such relationships is much harder than it seems. Try to remember all the relationships you have had. Honestly, can you say they have been easy? You can’t, right? Consider that you and your ex girlfriends spoke the same language and grew up in the same environment. And international relationships are even more challenging. The fairytale ends where your partner doesn’t understand your jokes or doesn’t respect your traditions.  Lets say, you don’t like borsch, and your new Ukrainian or Russian fiancée hardly knows how to cook your favorite dish. She probably isn’t sure how to communicate with your friends either. Some of her questions may seem too straightforward to you. And her behaviour might look unacceptable. It may happen that she does not understand the reasons for some of your actions, either. If you share love, respect, tolerance, you can turn these challenges into a fascinating journey full of interesting discoveries and personal development. Which can make you feel even closer so that your union will become really unique. But is it possible to find a common language despite cultural differences? How can you understand your partner and be understood well by her? Unfortunately, they don’t explain that in books.

Eastern european dating coach

When you hire me as your dating advisor, in our sessions, I will explain to you what to expect when dating an Eastern European woman. I know well the mentality of Slavic women. I will help you to avoid mistakes when you start a family with a Ukrainian or Russian lady.

  1. Different expectations

You have found the girl of your dreams; she’s beautiful, tender, loving. You are sure that she will be always this way, and that your dream has finally come true. But don’t delude yourself, because there will be relationship challenges, above all, due to cultural differences, and also of other kinds. For your woman, you are a foreign Prince Charming that fell in love with her and is ready to take her to his castle where you will live happily ever after. And the fairy-tale normally ends here. Now, what will your real life be like? Your woman will have to adapt to her life in a new country, and you will have new responsibilities. However, do you meet your Eastern European girlfriend’s expectations? Does she meet yours? It depends on both of you what your future will be like. How can you build your life the right way?

Dating advising and tips

In my consultation sessions, I will answer all your questions and together, we will elaborate a plan that will lead you towards your dream.

  1. Challenges in relationship building

Nobody taught us how to build relationships. As a rule, we take images of ideal (often, not ideal) relationships from our parents’, friends’ experiences, from movies and books. When it comes to international relationships, it’s even more complicated, since you normally have no idea what they should look like. So how can you build a meaningful, harmonious and happy relationship between the two of you? Life is not a movie. How can you avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts? After all, you just want to be happy. And to see your mail order wife happy, too.

Dating advisor

therefore, to achieve that, you need a plan! And you need to be ready to fight for your happiness. Because building a relationship with a woman from Ukraine or Russia is not just full of problems. Also a fun journey brings you new discoveries and growth! Your world will become twice as big!

Eastern european women dating advisor and coach

Elena Miro dating advisor
Eastern european women dating advisor Elena Miro

Sometimes, you can have doubts and fears, lack confidence when dating your slavic woman. It’s perfectly normal – we’re all humans. So you definitely need a digital dating coach who supports you and leads you. As a eastern european women dating advisor, I will help you create a better profile on the website and boost your confidence. So that you feel empowered when building the relationship with your Russian or Ukrainian girl. And you know what to do in incomprehensible situations that may arise.

I cannot guarantee you long happiness. But I  promise you to do all I can to help you become happy with your Slavic woman!

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