My honest review about Elena’s models dating website

Are you a Western European or American man looking for a serious relationship with a woman from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus? Would you like to find a serious lady without wasting your time on fake profiles or scam dating websites? Then you’re in the right place. Today, I want to talk about another trustworthy and reliable dating site I can recommend to all the foreign men who are searching for love in Eastern Europe. This website is

*I do reviews only about dating websites I checked personally.

The main advantages of this dating site are:

  • Elena’s models is one of the longest operating Russian and Ukrainian dating websites on the internet; it has been online for more than 20 years, and it has a good reputation worldwide.
  • The registration on website is absolutely free.
  • The agency has offices in the USA and Australia. Their customer support works 24/7, you can reach it via live chat or by phone – useful feature by the way.
  • Elena’s models dating site has a use-friendly interface, it looks nice and modern. And it’svery fast and easy to navigate.
  • The service provided by is confidential and secure. You can choose one of the following membership plans: Golden (from $19 per month), Platinum (from $58.25per month) and Ultimate (from $99.58 per month). There’s no “pay-per-letter” and “pay-per-minute” system. You can give your email address and phone number to all the ladies you communicate with. And send them unlimited mails and chat messages.
  • There are more than 140000 verified Eastern European women’s profiles on this dating website. Elena’s models agency screens all the girls thoroughly; this site for dating Russian and Ukrainian women is well-known for its serious anti-scam policy and zero tolerance to fake profiles and scammers.
  • At, you can find many testimonials of the couples who met thanks to this agency and are in a successful relationship or marriage now. They’re not fake, their stories and photos are real; if you’re still sceptical, you can check their Instagram profiles or even contact them.
  • The creators of made a mobile dating app for their clients, too. So the customers who prefer to browse Russian and Ukrainian girls’ profiles from their smartphones, don’t need to worry anymore. The app has both iPhone and Android versions – big plus!

What else ?

  • They have a nice blog with many interesting and useful articles. They can help you understand Russian and Ukrainian culture and traditions better. And of course, you will find lots of tips on how to meet and build a relationship with your perfect Slavic woman on
  • For those , men who want to be more than 100% sure of their success in online dating, there are also such opportunities as dating trainings or even VIP dating coaching by the agency’s founder and experienced dating advisor Elena Petrova.
  • The website has lots of good reviews of satisfied customers online. No wonder – over the years, won customers’ trust with their hard work. Because the employees of Elena’s models agency care about their Western clients. They really want to help them find the love of their lives in Russia or Ukraine.

Now, does Elena’s models have any cons?

I don’t see any. I am absolutely positive that dating website is committed to providing its clients the best service. I was using this website before and can guarantee that communication is clear there and profiles are real. In addition, I personally know couples who met there and are happy together now. Anyway, you can find negative reviews about too. But I am afraid the majority of these unhappy customers are men who don’t understand that things take time, especially when it comes to international dating and relationships.

Some Western guys don’t take the time to learn the culture of the countries where their Slavic brides were born and raised. Because, unfortunately, some foreign men think they are going to get a gorgeous woman in Russia, Ukraine or Moldova and just drag her back to their country like a trophy. But in reality, things are competely different. It takes lots of efforts from both man and woman to get to know each other and to build a strong relationship.

So, if you’re really serious about meeting an Eastern European lady, follow my advice. Join, this agency will help you find and win the heart of your beautiful Ukrainian or Russian bride.

Everything you need to know about dating Russian and Ukrainian ladies

Dating russian and Ukrainian ladies

What is special about dating russian or ukrainian women? Men all over the world know about Russian, Ukrainian, and other Eastern European women’s beauty. However, the desire to take care of their bodies to look good, which is quite natural for all the ladies, is not the only reason why Ukrainian and Russian ladies are different from other girls. Of course, most women from Eastern Europe follow the latest fashion trends.They know how to apply the make-up properly, and choose the best hairstyles to look stunning. But it’s not only their looks that takes men’s breath away. Eastern European women have something extra that helps them win men’s hearts. And we’re talking about both men from their respective countries and foreigners. Those crucial things are: their kind heart, family values, and a traditional life vision.

What is special about Russian and Ukrainian ladies ?

Family comes first
More and more women all over the world choose to be emancipated but Eastern European ladies stick to the traditional views of the male and female roles in a relationship. The man is seen as a provider, while the woman’s role is one of a good mother and housewife. Nowadays, in Russia, Ukraine and all the other countries of Eastern Europe, many women have opportunities to get a good education. And, once they’ve finished their studies, build their careers.

The family is still the main priority for most Ukrainian and Russian women.


Dignity and modesty
Most Eastern European women are modest and friendly. Being raised in a traditional way, women from Russia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European countries accept the fact that their man is an authority. In these countries, women take their time before they take that important decision to break up or ask for a divorce. On the contrary, they do all they possibly can to save their marriage and keep building a strong relationship with the man they chose.

Romantic Russian or Ukrainian women
Romance is very important for Eastern European women. They love it when their knight gives them flowers, recite poems for them. Expensive gifts, instead, might be a bit of an issue. Ukrainian, Russian, Polish ladies and women from other Eastern European countries are very proud and difficultly accept expensive presents because it makes them feel in debt. In any case, this rule can be broken once a girl from Eastern Europe fell deeply in love.

Even though they are from cold countries, Eastern European women are passionate and tend to fall in love once and forever

Ukrainian and russian ladies

Reason why Eastern European women want to get married to foreigners

Ladies from Eastern Europe are also well-known for being excellent housewives, great cooks, and loving mothers. They usually learn to cook at a young age and they like doing it. Besides, it’s not common to keep a housemaid in Eastern European countries. That’s why Ukrainian and Russian girls normally do all the household chores themselves. These qualities of Eastern European women are highly valued by men. There are many foreigners who would be happy to marry a Ukrainian or Russian lady. And there are many women from Eastern Europe who want to marry a man from another country.

The reason behind this attitude is that Eastern European traditions make men used to being the family head. Unfortunately, sometimes guys from these countries take for granted all the love and care that their women make available to them.

Lack of love and respect from some Eastern European men is the reason why Ukrainian and Russian women look for a partner abroad. They hope to find a real man who can provide for the family and take care about their children.

On the other hand, foreign men tend to respect their wives from abroad more. And that what makes their beloved women happy. Besides, it’s always great to build a multicultural family whose members can interchange not only their personal experiences. Also the cultural heritage of their countries. But it is for sure quite challenging and both husband and wife need to have patience and respect each other.

Where to meet Russian or Ukrainian women?

One of the best ways to meet, date and marry a single woman from Ukraine is through a dating website Ukraine Date is a place where you can meet many great and serious women. This dating website has been operating for more than 14 years. I guarantee you that is one of the most reliable dating sites for meeting Ukrainian women.

If you want to meet a Russian doll, instead, highly recommended This dating website is well-known for being serious and has many positive customers’ reviews.

Dont know how to meet your future russian or ukrainian wife? Want to avoid scam in dating agencies? Ask me about steps towards your hapiness

How To Date Russian women (2019) -things you don’t know

If you travel to Eastern Europe to find your future wife, you may be slightly confused. Slavic ladies are beautiful, interesting and worth attention, that’s for sure, however, they may be somewhat unusual for Western men. Eastern European women dating can be challenging and not simple! So, are there some nuances on how to date russian or ukrainian women?

Eastern european women dating

But worry not – we’re here to give you advice on how to date Eastern European women!

Here are some useful tips on how to win your Slavic woman’s heart:

  • Be persistent. Eastern European women like constant attention. If you disappear for some time they may think that she’s an option, not a priority for you, or that it’s all over between the two of you. So, don’t make your lady doubt, show her that you’re serious. And be a gentleman, in other words, let your girl feel feminine and special whenever you chat with her online and on real-life dates.
  • Respect her family. Family is very important for most people in many Eastern European countries.therefore,  it is normal when a Slavic woman wants her parents to approve her man. Of course, she will be the one who will make the decision whether to keep dating you or not, but it will be a big benefit for you if you show her parents that your intentions are good.
  • Be yourself. Slavic women love dating foreigners, so you already have some extra points just being who you are.  So, act naturally. Your girl will see how honest and sincere you are, and that will make her feel positive about you.
  • Be confident. Slavic women like it when a man is self-confident and has a strong personality. You need to show your girl that you’re emotionally mature and responsible, too. It will make her understand that you’re ready for a long-term relationship.
  • Become her best friend. Once you have become your Slavic woman’s best friend you can be sure you won her heart forever and can be the love of her life. Be the one she can trust and confide in, and the connection between the two of you will increase more and more.
  • Learn her language. It will definitely help you communicate better. And if you want to impress your Eastern European woman even more, learn something about the literature of her country. Because Slavic women love intelligent men.
russian girlfriend

Which countries to visit to find Slavic girls?

There are many countries in Eastern Europe. Where exactly can you find the lady that meets all your requirements? Try different destinations. Here are some countries that may be good places for finding your future wife: Ukraine, Russia, Poland.

Ukrainian women

are really special and unique. They are pretty, smart, witty and quite independent. After that, local ladies like freedom, and usually they have a very unusual vision of life. Taking to such women is a real pleasure. Ukrainian ladies welcome foreigners, they are not shy to talk to men from other countries. Also, Ukrainian girls are very family-oriented and well-known as best brides and wives. There is even a online dating website where you can meet ukrainian women. 

Russian women

Russian women are well-known in the whole world for their beauty. It is a myth though that all Russian ladies look the same – slim physique, blonde hair, blue eyes. The variety is big here.  Russian girls are hard-working and mature. To meet a lot of women from Russian you can on RussianCupid dating website.

Polish women

They are beautiful and intelligent. They live between Western and Eastern Europe, so that cultural mix makes them perfect. Femininity is one of the main features of Polish women. No wonder so many Western men marry girls from Poland. I advise you to meet them online here.

If you want to know how to date Eastern European women, then message me to arrange a consultation, where you will receive clear information on how to meet and communicate successfully with Ukrainian and Russian women. I will help you to understand how to date russian women and build a strong relationship. And also I help you to avoid any misunderstandings and any scams. You are welcome to ask any question for free!

Differences between Western and Eastern European women

What’s the uniqueness of the Eastern European women? What is it that makes  russian and ukrainian brides so attractive to Western men? What do they have that American and Western European girls don’t?

Willingness to help others, unpretentiousness, ability of self-sacrifice for their loved ones, sincerity, purity of mind. These characteristics, unfortunately, are rarely found in most Western European and American women. They are much more emancipated than Slavic women. Often, Western women prefer to focus on their career and to be single. That’s because they want to compete with men trying to prove that they’re superior to males.

Why eastern european women?

Russian and ukrainian brides

It’s only logical that Western guys want more feminine and old-fashioned women. Women who can provide them with comfort, love and care.

People always tend to choose what’s best for them. It’s human nature. So it’s obvious that many men from Western countries search for Slavic women on the internet, using dating websites and apps.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Women from Eastern Europe are mature and family-oriented – even at a quite young age. A Slavic woman’s dream is to build a strong relationship with a good man, grow old and overcome all the difficulties together.
  • Slavic ladies are very loyal to their men, they respect them. An Eastern European woman is her husband’s best friend. She always supports him and shows him how much she cares.
  • Slavic women are the best homemakers and wives in the world. They’re great cooks, and their homes are always neat, clean and cozy.
  • Eastern European women love children and want to become mothers. They are well-known for being loving and caring moms.
  • Slavic women are usually positive, optimistic, funny, they have a nice sense of humor.
  • They are intelligent, well-educated and cultured. Nobody in the world loves literature, theaters and museums as much as Eastern European women do.
  • A Slavic woman always remembers that, first of all, she is a woman, so she’s always feminine, no matter her social status, and regardless of her country of residence and age.

… And, last but not least

let’s mention another aspect that is very important. When it comes to picking a life partner: the looks. Most Eastern European women are very physically attractive. Although French women, for instance, are beautiful too, it’s undeniable that there’s a much higher percentage of very pretty women in Ukraine, Russia and other Eastern European countries. It’s hard to explain why Eastern European people, especially women, are lucky to be so good looking. Probably, it’s because Tatars, Turks, and Scandinavians have been here in various époques. Due to such diversity of genes, people from these countries have physical traits that are not easy to find in other parts of the world.

eastern eauropean women

They say “Looks can be deceiving”, but this is not the case with Slavic women. They’re truly beautiful both inside and out.

If you want to know how to date Eastern European women without scam, then message me to arrange a consultation.  You will receive clear information on how to meet and communicate successfully with Ukrainian and Russian women. I will help you to understand how to build a strong relationship and help you to avoid any misunderstandings and any scams. You are welcome to ask any question for free!

5 Myths about Russian women that have to be revealed

There are so many things people around the world say about Russian and Ukrainian women! Some of them are really funny and weird, for example, that all the average beautiful Russian girls’ name is Natasha. Or that Slavic girls hunt rich men, drink vodka 24/7, aren’t sensitive to cold… why do they want fur coats though? Hilarious and flamboyant, isn’t it? Hard to understand though whether it’s true or not…

In fact, as a dating advisor, I’m often asked what true facts are and what, instead, myths about ladies from Russia and Ukraine are. Let’s dive into this interesting topic so I can help you figure it all out.

Myth no.1:

Russian and Ukrainian women are not sensitive to cold.

Many people think that women from Russia and Ukraine don’t feel cold. Yes, your beautiful girlfriend is from a country where the temperature can be as low as -20 in the winter. But in most apartments in Russia and Ukraine, it’s very warm (about +25) during winter months, thanks to the central heating. While in Western Europe, when it’s cold outside, it’s also cold inside the houses. The temperature normally is not higher than +19…+20. Besides, scientists proved that female body feels colder than male body. So your pretty fiancée needs to be protected from cold more than you. Well, just see it as another pretext to pamper her!

Myth no.2:

Women from Russia and Ukraine drink vodka.

Most popular myth about russian and ukrainian women! This myth, probably, comes from the fact that some Ukrainian and Russian men are heavy drinkers. But normal, well-educated and cultured ladies from Russia and Ukraine who don’t have drinking problems, don’t drink alcohol at all. Or they might be social drinkers who can have a glass or two of wine, champagne or Martini bianco on rare occasions. By the way, neither Russia nor Ukraine occupy the first place in terms of alcohol consumption per capita. According to the World Health Statistic report, the first “prize” goes to Moldova with 15.2 liters of alcohol. Lithuania, with its 15 liters, occupies the second place, and the Czech Republic, the third with its 14.4 liters per capita. Another myth dispelled!

Myth no.3:

Ukrainian and Russian girls are too easy.

Ladies from Ukraine and Russia are not all the same. Like everywhere, there are easy girls and there are serious women. You can even find girls who are still virgins at the age of 25. And many women who had just one or two boyfriends or husbands in their lifetime. It’s not like the majority of girls from Russia or Ukraine give themselves to all the Western guys easily just because they are foreigners. But unfortunately, there’s this myth that all the Russian girls’ name is Natasha and girls who have that name are cheap dates. It’s nothing but a stereotype. It comes from the early 2000s. All the beautiful girls from Ukraine and Russia who were on vacation in Turkey, were called Natashas for some reason, and were considered easy. But Natasha is just a beautiful name. It doesn’t mean that all the girls with this name are some cheap dates.

Myth no.4:

Russian and Ukrainian women are as beautiful as French women.

Oftentimes, the irresistible charm of the French ladies is compared to the Slavic women’s beauty. But it’s just another myth, because Russian and Ukrainian girls, unlike French women, take care of their appearance. Although French women are considered trendsetters and fashionistas (probably, because many fashion houses like Chanel, Givenchy, etc., come from France), most of them don’t dye their hair, don’t get pedicure and manicure, don’t wear high-heeled shoes. Besides, the percentage of beautiful girls in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe, is higher than anywhere else. But of course, beauty is very subjective. Everything depends on your taste. Some men might like French women, other guys might like Brazilian girls, and so on. If you like the Eastern European beauty type, you’re definitely in the right place!beauty of russian women

Myth no.5:

Russian women are gold diggers and manipulators who just want your money.

Russian and Ukrainian ladies have become so popular among foreigners that many gold diggers take advantage of it to scam naive guys. Sure, there are lots of girls who look for rich guys just to get some money out of them. But there are also many honest Ukrainian and Russian women who look for true love online. Your key to success is to stay vigilant and choose girls who are attracted to you, not to your wallet.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you heard any other information about Russian and Ukrainian women that might be a myth, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I will tell you whether it’s true or false.

Main 4 issues with your mail-order bride

When a foreign guy starts looking for a girlfriend in Ukraine or Russia, he faces many difficulties. He asks himself “How do I meet a perfect girl? And where? What dating websites or agancies should I trust? And, most importantly, how can I tell a good girl from a gold digger?” So, what can be the main issues with your mail-order bride from Russia or Ukraine?

fake profiles

There are four common problems faced by Western men seeking Eastern European girls.

  • Scam before meeting a girl( fake profiles, dating agencies, personal scam)
  • Misunderstanding due to your cultural differences
  • Different expectations issue
  • Challenge of building relationships and family

Nobody taught us how to build relationships. As a rule, we take images of ideal (often, not ideal) relationships from our parents’, friends’ experiences, from movies and books. When it comes to international relationships, it’s even more complicated, since you normally have no idea what they should look like.

I advise you to watch documentary called “Love me” , just to see how difficult and elusive your dream about russian wife can be.

READ MORE: Why they want to get married to foreigners

Things are not so easy as it seems. Have you ever thought about it? And what are you going to do to be prepared? Possibly have you ever had such issues with your mail-order bride from Russia (Ukraine) before? If so, please lease share your experience with me.

Maybe eastern european women dating advisor can help you to move to your goal faster? Without loss and mistakes?

Not only will you get valuable and useful first hand information ; but also you can have a help in planning your first trips to meet russian or ukrainian girls. For instance, we have personal english-speaking guides in Kiev and Moscow. With their assistance you can discover slavic countries as they are, and if you want – to be invited individually to the conversation with girl you like just on the cafe! Use a contact form to get answers to all of your questions!

As building a relationship with a woman from Ukraine or Russia is not just full of problems. Also a fun journey that brings you new discoveries and growth! Your world will become twice as big! You will learn new culture, traditions and mindset! Just imagine- your future kids might speak 3 languages! 😉 Isn’t it great and fun?

Dont let your heart to be broken!